Shrine Vignettes
December 19, 2020

A shrine re-organization has Creator God Ptah front and center!
Beautiful bronze, made by Lena Toritch, from my sketch based on a statue in the Turin museum
Ma'at statue is JBL statue, brass, and they don't make even make these in resin anymore, I am lucky to have Her.

Ptah's statue (along with Nit's (Neith's) in the informal shrine.
Both of these are reproductions based on pieces in the Hermitage museum, bought via their museum shop.
(The stabilizing rectangle was 3D printed by Shapeways, to keep him on his stone base.)
Nit's pendant used to be a little earring I bought many years ago and never wore.

View of NebSauAnkh piece (created via Shapeways), with large ankh directly behind, (clay model original, 2017).
Piece above that done via Shapeways, process image.

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