Shrine Vignettes
September 19, 2020

My new tiny Bast statue, of course she belongs on the "Eye of Ra" shrine!
Tiny bronze, made by "Bronze Age Gifts"

My long awaited new shrine stool arrived September 1!
It is so inviting.....(designed by Jasper Morrison for Emeco)

My new cross stitch tapesty of the feather of Ma'at, now with pendant of Ma'at made by "Northern Dragon Crafts"
I aimed to give a sense of the feather of Ma'at as a 'light in the darkness', radiating outwards

My 'old' statues of Sekhmet and Bast, being blessed by the sun, early evening, September 18....

Proof of age, tiny photo has a date stamp of July 3, 2004, and I have an even earlier photo with a date stamp of February 14, 2004
These are JBL statues, brass, and they don't make these any more, I am lucky to have them.

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