More Shrine Vignettes
October 4, 2020

Someone on facebook had a 'share a photo of something this color' meme going, their color given was PINK.
Pink, here, a pink rhodochrosite, which to me says Hathor! Starting today, III Akhet 1 (October 4, 2020CE), begins the thirty day Festival of the Voyage of Hathor. The pendant, which is an old one from the Met museum store made back in the 70s, shows Hathor as a cow, in the solar barque.

New piece for Djehuty (Thoth), made by "North Dragon Crafts"

I blame Djehuty, this little amulet happened while trying to get the above larger piece! Now I have a tiny representation of him that works well in my informal shrine area. This new piece for Djehuty (Thoth), also made by "North Dragon Crafts"

New colorful piece for HeruWer (Horus the Elder), made by "DemedjetYT"
(Yes, that is that untouched in ages armature for a future statue of Heru-Wer....)
The medallion is my design 3D printed for me by Shapeways, in stainless steel, back in May 2018. Sadly the stainless steel is no longer an option, so he is a "one of a kind".

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