Evolution of a Design
June 15, 2019


It all started with a desire to make a small votive of Set and Hathor. I took a crop of a photo of the "My Two" needlepoint and turned it black and white:

Then I made layers over that whereby I used the bottom image to create this image, suitable for the Shapeways process:

While I waited for the following to arrive, I played with coloring a print out of the design:

This is 62mm wide, in "raw" bronze...

I kept on seeing a heart in the design and got busy with the colored pencils and scanning:

After I scanned, I played with the curves in Photoshop and got a weird result I really like...

Looking at that, I got curious as to what it would look like in needlepoint. I sent for yarns to match the bright orange/red and chartreuse, already having the other colors in stock.

Process as of June 5th...

Actually, the "JAL" initials are on the back of the bar casing....

And on the wall, small votive nearby, (The small ankhs are based on the design used for the ankh in Set's statue).

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