Salvaging a Mistake
April 6, 2019

I was so mad at myself when I opened the Shapeways box yesterday and found two ankhs, VERY LARGE for their intended purposes. They are beautiful, just the shape I designed them, BUT TOO BIG!!

As this was a rather costly mistake, I was doubly mad at myself.

Set wants to grasp a big ankh, but NOT THIS BIG!!

I struggled to find a less costly way to fix this. So I'm trying what I hope will be the right size in hard plastic. It will serve as a decent model, as it just needs to survive the mold making process, PROVIDED IT'S THE RIGHT SIZE.

Meanwhile, what to do? I have two lovely, but too big ankhs. An idea came to me for one of them, and perhaps the other can be used similarly:

HeruWer seems pleased with the new embellishment!

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