Stela of Horus the Younger, Inscribed with Magical Spells

Ptolemaic Dynasty, 305-30 B.C.E.
Steatite, H: 19.4 W: 11.6 D: 4.0 cm
Gift of Charles Lang Freer F1908.65

(From Museum website):
"The central figure on this stele is the child form of the god Horus. He stands on the heads of two crocodiles, which cross each other beneath his feet and face out to the sides. In his left hand he clutches two serpents and a lion by the tail; in his right, two scorpions by the stingers and an oryx by the horns. Every flat surface on the stele is covered with magical hieroglyphic texts consisting of spells which protect against snakes, scorpions, and the other evil forces the god subdues.

"This type of object was often set up in private households, but examples have also been found in tombs, suggesting that their protective powers could also be extended to the deceased."

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