Figurine of the Goddess Neith

Saite Dynasty 26 or later, 664-525 B.C.E. or later
Bronze, H: 21.3 W: 3.8 D: 6.9 cm
Gift of Charles Lang Freer, F1907.1

Figurine at left: the god Horus-the-Child
Dynasty 26, ca. 525-520 B.C.E.
Bronze, gold, copper, silver, with black paint, H: 15.0 W: 4.1 D: 3.3 cm
Gift of Charles Lang Freer, F1908.48
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(From Museum website):
"Neith was a warrior goddess, a protectress of humankind (both living and deceased), and she was also the mother of the crocodile god Sobek. "Neith was particularly associated with northern Egypt and the Nile Delta, which is why she was often portrayed wearing the Red Crown of Lower Egypt. During the Old Kingdom (ca. 26752130 B.C.E.), she was closely linked to the queens of Egypt."

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