Year in Review - 2017

Teapots all in a Row:

They are in waiting for a tea tasting.

Exuberantly Growing Bright Cactus Blooms

New Photo of Julia

I'm really pleased with the way this one turned out!

June (and July):
Needlepoint Progress

I'd discovered basketweave in time to do the piece on the left, the other, also Egyptian themed, is done in the continental stitch.

July (and August):
Many Memborable Meals in Portland:

At the Courtyard Restaurant at Kennedy School Hotel...

Pompeii in Portland:
Honorary Statue of a Male Figure Wearing a Toga
Marble, 1st Century CE, Pompeii
Archaeological Museum in Naples
"The statue shows a man in a toga holding a papyrus scroll in his hand, standing in the classic pose of a Roman orator."

More Creative Progress:

I fashioned the clay model of the ANKH with my own little hands!
(More about the statue to its right)

A Plan Comes into Fruition

The other side features Sekhmet

More Creative Progress:

This is a project that has had two versions, MORE about it here

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