Waxing philosophical one night to a sleepy Joan, Julia wrote her thoughts down so Joan could read them in the morning when awake:

*   *   *

I Wrote It Down

A thought - important to consider! Everything that you know of Laura is still contained within you, within your memory. this is surely not all that Laura was, but rather all that you have experienced of her over all those years, including what she revealed of her own memories of the events before you were together . . .

Every thought, every gesture, every expression . . . is there. So a great deal of who she was remains with us, living as part of us. Actually we were changed greatly in the process of knowing her, yes?? Don't be surprised to meet her in the dreams of night or visions of idle moments in the day. We're never wholly alone for that, no small consolation and she would be glad that we think of her often.

Before Joan totally drifted off to slumber, she remembered Julia speaking of the soul being possibly like a computer program and the body like the computer on which it ran, and why couldn't the 'program' be sent to another 'computer'?

Who knows, it might just be that way!