Second Intermediate Period, Dynasties 13-17, ca. 1784-1550 BCE
Luxor, Dra Abu'l Naga
OIM 19474
Photo ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2010

The info card explains:
"Harps are among the most ancient of Egyptian instruments. They had sounding boxes made of wood, gourd, or tortoise shell. The oldest form, known in the Old Kingdom (25th century B.C.), was the shoulder harp which the harpist played while crouched on the ground (as in the figurine exhibited here). New types of harps were introduced in the New Kingsom, including the standing harp, a tall instrument that the harpist played while standing; lutes, with small round sound boxes and long necks; and lyres with a square sound box. This harp with a wooden sound box and curved neck was cradled in the crook of the arm and strummed with the right hand. The sound box was once covered with skin. The three tuning pegs are ancient."

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