Anubis and ?

As god of cemeteries and embalming, Anubis (aka Yinepu or Anpu) is tending the mummy
No info captured, this is likely from a tomb wall.
Photo ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2010

The graffiti added to this is similar to that on on a tomb relief at the Brooklyn Museum:

From the Tomb of Nespeqashuty

At first I thought this might come from the same tomb. It is possible that it does, for the Oriental Institute does have the funeral procession of Nespekashuty (aka Nespekishuti). However the info card for the Brooklyn piece tells us "Ancient graffiti have been found all over Egypt, in rock quarries, in mountain passes, in remote desert valleys, and even on tomb and temple walls. Most of them represent far more than mere acts of vandalism."

It includes "records of their work along with commentaries on the current political situation". Also, "prayers for the well-being of the writer". Likely the graffiti on this piece is in late Egyptian Demotic and in Greek and Coptic.