Ushebti of God's Wife Amenirdis I

Amenirdis was a Nubian princess from the state of Kush
Serpentine, 25th-26th Dynasty, ca. 670 BCE
From Medinet Habu, God's Wives chapel complex
OIM 14198
Photo ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2010

(From museum info card):
"This finely carved funerary statuette was made for the God's Wife, Amenirdis I. The construction of her burial chapel was the responsibility of her adopted successor, her niece Shepenwepet II, who equipped it with the customary Egyptian royal burial goods including ushebtis and canopic jars. Ushebtis were designed to magically come to life for the purpose of doing work on behalf of the deceased in the afterlife. The fragment of a bed leg nearby may be evidence of the Nubian tradition of bed burial."

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