Khemnsu & Nofret

Khemnsu, a government agent, and his wife Nofret
First Intermediate Period, Dynasty 11, ca. 2050 BCE
Ex collection Amherst and collection of Sir Alan H. Gardiner, OIM 12105
Photo ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2010

(From museum info card):
"The hieroglyphic text on this fragment from a tomb records that the man, named Khemnsu, was an overseer of priests who was sent by a regional ruler to inspect a town in southern Egypt that had been destroyed in battles between rival rulers. The text relates that he refounded the city and regulated taxes paid to the rulers in Thebes. He is shown embraced by 'his beloved wife' Nofret." "The inscription on this statue of a man identified as Tcheneneti, records that he served as a confectioner (candy maker). Another monument of Tcheneneti from a later period in his career indicates that he was eventually promoted to the position of 'Overseer of Confectioners.'"