Two Furniture Legs

Bull's leg from furniture
Egypt (Abydos, tomb of King Djer), Dynasty 1, reign of Djer, 2960-2770 B.C.E.
Ivory, height: 7.4 cm (2 15/16 in.)
Egypt Exploration Fund by subscription 1901, MFA #01.7378

Bed leg
Egypt, Dynasties 1-2, 29602675 B.C.E.
Wood, Height: 20.5 cm (8 in.)
William Stevenson Smith Fund 1989, MFA #1989.250
Photos ©Joan Ann Lansberry, 2014

Earlier, I found many fragments of ivory bulls' legs illustrated in Petrie's _Royal Tombs of the First Dynasty, part II_. There were two in perfect shape, however Petrie identifies them as being from the tomb of Zer-ta:

By matching up the serekhs with a more recently photographed example, I find today's Egyptologists refer to this king as DJER, who was buried at what we now call Umm el Qa'ab in Abydos.

Furthermore, we now know where one of Petrie's legs ended up! The museum website does say their ivory leg was "excavated by William Matthew Flinders Petrie for the Egypt Exploration Fund, assigned to the Egypt Exploration Fund in the division of finds by the government of Egypt, received by the MFA through subscription to the Egypt Exploration Fund."

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