Yuny and Renenutet, 19th Dynasty

Statue of Yuny and Renenutet
Dynasty 19, reign of Seti I (ca. 1294-1279 BCE)
From Asyut region, tomb of Amenhotep
Limestone, paint
Rogers Fund, 1915 (15.2.1)

(From the info card)
"Yuny and his wife, Renenutet, the subjects of this pair statue, were members of Egypt's nobility. Yuny held a number of supervisory titles, several of which associate him with medical personnel of a temple in the Asyut region. Renenutet's titles indicate that she served in local temples as well. The menat necklace, a percussion instrument held in her left hand, was used during religious rituals and reinforces Renenutet's connection to a local temple dedicated to Hathor.

"The sculptor has done an exceptional job of carving the details that convey to the viewer the elaborate clothing, coiffures, and jewelry worn by the Ramesside nobility. In the upper register of the chair's back, Yuny and Renenutet sit in front of a laden offering table while receiving a libation from a priest. Below, Renenutet offers a libation to her parents, Metjay and Yia. The presence of her parents among the decorative scenes suggests that Renenutet, not Yuny, may have commissioned this piece. Since the statue was found in the tomb of Yuny's father, Amenhotep, we know that at least two generations and two families were venerated within the single tomb."

Side view...

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