Sahure and Nome God,, 5th Dynasty

King Sahure and a Nome God
Gneiss, Dynasty 5, reign of Sahure (ca. 2458-2446 BCE)
Rogers Fund, 1918 (18.2.4)

See another view of Sahure and Nome God, from front

(From info on statue case:)
"Sahure, the second pharoah of the Fifth Dynasty, sits on a throne, while, standing next to him, the smaller figure of the god of the Coptite nome (province) extends an ankh (the symbol of life)> The god is named by the symbols carved above his head; the pharoah's names are located on the front of his seat; and on the base are the remains of a speech by the god, promising the monarch the good things of the South.

"The statue may have been intended for the pharoah's pyramid complex at Abusir, following the model of King Menkaure of the previous dynasty in which an assemblage of such works represented the gathering of the countries divinities around the pharoah. Alternatively, this could have been a gift to a temple in the Coptitie nome.

"The intimacy of the royal figure and the god is expressed through their similar appearance and the god's quiet gesture toward the king."