Royal Vessels, 6th Dynasty

Royal vessels of the reigns of Pepi I and II
Dynasty 6 reign of Pepi I(ca. 2289-2255 BCE) and reign of Pepi II (ca. 2246-2152 BCE)
Egyptian alabaster
Rogers Fund, 1912, (12.182.17); Rogers Fund, 1927 (27.2.2); Gift of Mr. and Mrs. V. Everit Macy, 1923 (23.10.10-.11)

From info card:
"The thick walls of stone vessels helped to keep cool the valuable cosmetic oils and ointments they frequently held, and their exquisite workmanship and high quality underlined the precious nature of the contents"

Vessel of Pepi I:

Spout detail of Pepi II's vessel:

Neferkare, Pepy II (as illustrated in Budge's dictionary)