Nikare and Family Members, 5th Dynasty

Nikare and family members
Dynasty 5, reign of Niuserre (ca. 2420-2389 BC) or later
Painted Limestone, probably from Saqqara
Rogers Fund, 1952, MMA 52.19

Demedji and Hennutsen may have 'appealing expressions', but they seem rather dazed, perhaps vacant. Nikare, who had several statues, shows a more vital expression, as does his wife.

Nikare's grown up here, shortened his hair and widened his waistline from what he was as a youth.

(From info card)
"Old Kingdom Egyptians sought to express a person's intangible personality by a multiplicity of images. Nikare was represented by at least four statues, including these two. In the group, beside one leg kneels his wife Khuennub, and besides the other stands his daughter Kheunnebti. In the granite statue he bends his head over the papyrus on his lap. The text records his identity: Chief of the Granary, Nikare."