Spiral of scarabs at Metropolitan Museum, NYC
From Late Period, Dynasties 21 to 25

These four scarabs were found near some shawabtis that are from the 26th Dynasty
Far left scarab: MMA 17.194.2464, Third Intermediate Period–Late Period, ca. 1070–343 B.C.E., Blue black glass, L. 8.5 cm
Third scarab: MMA 23.2.38, Lapis Lazuli

Two scarabs at Chicago's Oriental Museum, with definition "to come into being"

The following two pieces are from an earlier era, but because they are scarabs, I've included them here:

Canaanite Scarab with a Lion over a Crocodile
Late Middle Bronze Age; corresponds to late Second Intermediate Period-early Dyn. 18 (ca.1600-1500 BCE) in Egypt
Glazed steatite

Scarab with a Solar/Lunar Deity (?) Protected by Two Animal-Headed Figures
Late Dynasty 15 (ca. 1600-1540 BCE)
Glazed Steatite
(I'm thinking that although it would be an unusual crown for the Pharoah, this is much more similar to the theme of Set and Horus blessing the Pharoah

©JAL, June, 2005 (with the old camera)

Scarabs, Some Winged, at Brooklyn Museum