Funerary Stela, Late Period

Funerary Stela of the Lady of the House Tabakenkhonsu
Late Third Intermediate Period- Saite Period (ca 750-525 BCE)
Wood, gesso, paint, H.. 31.1 cm (12 1/4 in); W. 26.7 cm (10 1/2 in) Gift of Egypt Exploration Fund, 1896, MMA 96.4.4

From info card:
"As part of the burial equipment, funerary stelae made a prayer for offerings for the maintenance of the deceased..."
That's all I captured of the info card.

Certainly 'maintenance of the deceased' has been the theme through out the centuries. But this stela reveals a great change in religious thought.

The same bright colors are used in the late period stela as compared to those of earlier periods:

Stela of Dedu and Sitsobek, Middle Kingdom

But the theme has changed considerably. Rather than a simple scene of a well-provisioned table for the deceased, we have intimations of a judgment scene. Fortunately the 'lady of the house' has passed her judgment, and she is now being led by Thoth to meet Osiris, the god of the dead, and Isis.