Khentika, 13th Dynasty

Statuette of Khentika with Shaved Head
Dynasty 13 (ca, 1802-1640 BCE)
Egypt, from Dahshur, area of the Snefru pyramids (according to the inscription)
Diorite,h. 27 cm (10 5/8 in)
Purchase, Joseph Pulitzer Bequest, 1962 (MMA 62.77)
From info card:
"The prayers for offering incised on the long kilt invoke the funerary god Ptah-Sokar and the deified king Snefru of the early Fourth Dynasty. The high-waisted kilt and the shaved head are typical features of Thirteenth Dynasty statuary, as also seen in the large head at the left."

Note Khentika's large ears, similar to those of Khnumhotep's statue, also invoking Ptah-Soker.