Demedji and Hennutsen, 5th Dynasty

Statue of Demedji and Hennutsen
Limestone with remains of paint, Dynasty 5, reign of Neferirkare or earlier (ca. 2465-2438 BCE)
Egyptian; Giza or Saqqara (probably); Memphite Region probably
H. 83 cm (32 11/16 in); w. 50.8 cm ( 20 in); d. 51 cm (20 1/16 in)
Height of Hennutsen 70 cm (27 9/16 in) weight: 113.4136.1 kg (250300 lbs)
Rogers Fund, 1951 (51.37)

(From info card)
"Old Kingdom group compositions display many permutations involving pose, choice of family members represented, and their size relation to the central male figure. The arrangement seen here is relatively unusual. Despite the considerable size disparity, the removal of most connective stone between the torsos of husband and wife draws attention to the supportive touch of their arms."

(From website description)
"This pair statue, showing a husband and wife, is typical of nonroyal statuary made during Dynasty 5 of the Old Kingdom. The bodies of both figures are well proportioned, though the woman's head is slightly offset to her right and her arms are unusually long. Typically, the faces are quite similar in spite of their different scales, but the features are well defined, giving each face an appealing expression. Special attention has been given to the coiffures, especially that of the woman.

"Demedji was Overseer of the regions of foreign bowen, and Overseer of the King's fortresses. Both titles imply a military function, perhaps in the deserts bordering the Nile delta. He was also Estate Manager of the King, and Overseer of the Herdsmen of Cattle. His wife, the royal acquaintance Hennutsen, was priestess of the goddesses Hathor and Neith. The statue was dedicated by their son, Ti, an Overseer of Marshes who may also be mentioned in the Abusir Papyri, suggesting that the statue was dedicated in early Dynasty 5."

Fifth Dynasty Family Group @ Brooklyn Museum