Large Statue of Thutmoses III

Thutmose III
Dynasty 18, ca. 1504-1405 B.C.
From Medamud, Temple of Montu, Daninos Pasha Excavations, Red granite
Gift of Edward S. Harkness, 1914, MMA 14.7.15

(From info card):
"This colossal statue of Thutmose III wearing the White Crown was excavated at the temple of the solar god and god of warfare, Montu at Medamud, the ancient Madu. The king is represented in a pose of adoration and an inscription of the back pillar describes him as 'beloved of Montu, Lord of Madu.' The statue's position in the ground caused major deterioration on its left side, but enough remains on the right to demonstrate that this was a major work of sculpture in the mature style prevalent during the later years of the great king's reign."

The damage is apparent from the back view, as well as Thutmoses III's cartouche: