Huge Statue of Amenemhat II
Colossal Statue of a Pharaoh
Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reign of Amenemhat II (ca. 1919-1885 BCE)
Granodiorite, from Tanis (eastern Nile Delta)
Lent by the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus collection of Berlin

(From the info card)
"Aquired in 1837 by the Berlin museum, this nearly nine-ton colossus has been assigned to Pharaoh Amenemhat II on the basis of style. It is a magnificent example of colossal ancient Egyptian statuary.

"The single block of stone from which the statue was carved was quarried at Aswan and then shipped more than five hundred miles north to the area of Memphis (near present-day Cairo), where the sculpting was completed and the statue was erected within a temple complex.

"Six hundred years later, during Dynasty 19, kings Ramesses II and Merneptah added their names to the statue, and some facial features were altered to resemble images of Ramesses II. At this time the statue presumably was transported to Piramesse (in the eastern Delta), the capital of the Ramesside kings, only to be moved again, two hundred years later, to Tanis, where the kings of Dynasties 21 and 22 resided. Traces of repair on the sides of the throne suggest that the lower part of the statue was broken during transport. The statue remained at Tanis until it was uncovered in the early nineteenth century."