Woman in Front of a Still Life by Cézanne

1890, Inscribed 6" above right corner: P. Go. / 90
Oil on canvas, 25 11/16 x 21 5/8 in. (65.3 x 54.9 cm)
Joseph Winterbotham Collection, AIC 1925.753

Paul Gauguin began as a banker and stockbroker. Hence he had the money to become a major collector of Impressionist pieces. He was then an amateur painter and exhibited with the Impressionists in their last four exhibitions. Later, Gauguin met Cézanne and Degas, who both had an influence on his artwork. Matisse called Cézanne "the father of us all". An exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum showed the extent of that influence. We can see in Gauguin's capture of the the Cézanne still life his famous apples, which Cézanne preferred to paint over flowers, because they did not wilt as quickly as flowers. Variations of his fruit showed up in many different artist's pieces.

From Monet to Van Gogh: a History of Impressionism, by Richard Brettell, lecture book for his Teaching Company course

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