Figure Vase of Woman Holding Dog
Pottery, red-slipped and burnished
New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Thutmose III - Amunhotep III (ca. 1479-1352 B.C.)
Reportedly from Saqqara, Brooklyn 37.331E, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund
Photo © Joan Ann Lansberry, May 2008-2016

"Throughout mid-Dynasty 18 a small group of potters, perhaps members of a single workship, fashioned charming vessels in human and animals forms. They shaped the two halves of each container in open molds and joined the pieces along the sides. Complex details such as arms were created by hand and applied to the molded pieces. The potters then covered the vessel with a red slip (a mixture of clay and water) and polished the surface. This example depicts a servant woman carrying a small dog, perhaps the honored pet of her master or mistress."(From Info card)