Vase of Pepy II
Egyptian alabaster, 5 9/16 x 4 5/8 in. (14.2 x 11.8 cm), Lid: 3/16 x 4 5/8 in. (0.5 x 11.8 cm)
Old Kingdom, Dyn. 6, ca. 2288-2224 or 2194 B.C.E.
Reportedly from Saqqara
Vase: Brooklyn #37.69Ea, Lid: Brooklyn #37.69Eb , Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund
Photo © Joan Lansberry, May 2008-2016

Looking at the vase, I could see the cartouche:

Neferkare, Pepy II (as illustrated in Budge's dictionary)

What to do? The info card I photographed was referring to a vase of Pepy I. However, my web-search revealed the Brooklyn Museum has three vases, two of Pepy I and one of Pepy II

My quandry would be further answered by a similar vase at the Metropolitan Museum:

The info card states they have vessels from both pharoahs

However, I'm certain the one I photographed at the Met is Pepi I's:

The cartouches reveal the identity.

Digital Egypt's page tells us more about Pepy II:

Pepy II
"King of the Sixth Dynasty (2300-2181 BC). Last well-attested king of the Old Kingdom, with an exceptionally long reign estimated variously between sixty and ninety years. A long reign seems confirmed by evidence that the king was a child when he came to the throne: there are images of the king as a child, including a well-known statuette showing him on the lap of his mother. The throne-name Neferkare was used by other kings later in Egyptian history: therefore references to the throne-name alone can only be dated to this reign if there is corroboration (for example, when an object inscribed with the name is of late Old Kingdom type)."