Raised Relief of Montuemhat(?)
End of Third Intermediate Period - beginning of Late Period,
Late Dynasty XXV-early Dynasty XXVI, ca. 670-650 B.C.E.
From Thebes, possibly from the tomb of Montuemhat
Brooklyn #1.1993.10, Promised gift of Mrs. Carl L. Selden
Photo © Joan Lansberry, May 2008-2016

From the info card:
"As perhaps the most powerful official of his time in southern Egypt, Montuemhat had one of the largest and most lavishly decorated nonroyal tombs known. Although this relief is probably of the man himself, it is not a portrait. Rather, it is an idealizing, archaizing image reflecting the style of Theban works of Dynasty XVIII and possibly also the Middle Kingdom. The fortuitious blackening of the relief's surface is the result of a burning of unknown date."."