The Goddess Isis as Magician
Roman Period, probably 1st century A.D.)
Brooklyn #05.395, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund
Small statue of Osiris
Third Intermediate Period, XXI Dynasty-XXV Dynasty
Brooklyn #37.565E, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund
(And it's a Horus falcon to the far left.)

Photo © Joan Ann Lansberry

(The relief behind Isis is of Prince Khaemwaset
Photos © Joan Lansberry, May 2008, top photo May 2012

(From the info card):
"Isis here holds a divine cobra, sometimes described as 'great of magic,' as if it were a magic wand symbolic of power and a conductor of supernatural force. For the Egyptians and many other cultures, a name was an integral part of its owner. Isis herself became 'great of magic' by leanring the the sun-god Re's secret name. With it, she could use Re's magic to revive her husband Osiris..."

Ritner in _Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice_(page 33), makes reference to Isis:

"Isis...who repels the deeds of the enchanters by the spells of her mouth."

"Further unrecognized examples of sp.w, "spells" (translated 'deeds') appear in Faulkner 1958, pp. 29* and 13 (col. 18/12): 'Isis Lady of spells' (cf. col. 18/13" 'Isis who pacifies the gods with what she says')..." (Robert Ritner, _Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice_, (University of Chicago 1993) page 69 Footnotes)

Furthermore, Isis speaks via the Metternich stela:

"I am Isis the goddess, the possessor of magic, who performs magic, effective of speech, excellent of words."
(Ritner, page 34)