Model Grinders Inscribed for Amunhotep II, Egyptian alabaster
Brooklyn #36.621.1-2, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund
Plaques Inscribed for Amunhotep II, Faience (ground quartz, alkaline binder, glaze)
Brooklyn #36.619.3 and #36.619.7, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund
All New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, ca 1426-1400 B.C.E, Reportedly from Giza
Photo © Joan Lansberry, May 2008-2016

Amunhotep's cartouches (from Budge dictionary)
I wonder if the plaques were from foundation deposits. The Metropolitan Museum has two very similar plaques of Ramesses II, which they've identified as from such. (As best as I can make out the fuzzy capture of their info card.)

Bricks of Ramesses II