Ra in the Barque

Joan Ann Lansberry, 2019, Sharpie pen, colored pencil, some digital alteration for the sun disc

Sunday, May 12, 2019

I felt quite frustrated last night, wanting to draw, but not knowing what. I browsed several magazines, and didn't find any inspiration. I decided to pick up Reading Egyptian Art, by Richard Wilkinson. I found a grayscale photo of a scene from Sennedjem's tomb that lured me. He was illustrating G36, the swallow. I omitted the swallow to concentrate on Ra. In the photo Ra's sun disc was cropped in half, so blindly, I did the same in my drawing. Later on in the book, he uses the same scene to illustrate T18, the "follower" glyph, which you see at far right here. That photo, although smaller, does include the full sun disc.

But too late! I'd already inked. So I made my disc bigger with a bit of digital magic. Looking at the photo in grayscale, I used my own imagination for the colors. I confess I like the green robe better than the red robe he wears when in color on the tomb wall.

It feels so good to be drawing again. ...