When I find this drawing, I will rescan it for a better view.
©Joan Lansberry, May 2006

May 13, 2006
My monthly calender features "Audubon Songbirds and other Backyard Birds". This month's page features a scarlet tanager in the lower right corner. He's been 'begging' me to draw him, and today I listened. This calender also informs me that today is "International Migratory Bird Day". A net search reveals:

International Migratory Bird Day celebrates the incredible journeys of migratory birds between their breeding grounds in North America and their wintering grounds in Mexico, Central, and South America. The event, which takes place on the second Saturday in May each year, encourages bird conservation and increases awareness of birds through hikes, bird watching, information about birds and migration, public events, and a variety of other education programs.

I did a little search on tanagers. Wikipedia informs me that "Only 4 species are migratory, using North America as their breeding grounds. They are the Scarlet Tanager, Western Tanager, Hepatic Tanager and the Summer Tanager." So my scarlet tanager drawing fits the celebration of the day!