Grabbing What He Can

© Joan Ann Lansberry, November 2007
(From my journal entry, November 24, 2007:
We've had a badly functioning stereo for many years now. We've just patiently put up with the whiffling sounds it makes after it plays a CD or two. But Julia decided yesterday to do something about it, and now a new BOSE Am-Fm tuner and Cd changer will be on its way to us. What! Brave the malls on 'Black Friday'? No! She called a toll free number and shopped painlessly.

She tore out the paper ad for it, which described the features. Along with regular CDs, it plays mpg CDs. I've found a few free downloads of late and sought to find more. There are some lovely musicians I've learned about from A Darker Shade of, and I went to explore. Sadly, I can't find but a few of their very pricey import CDs at (and not the ones I would have bought even with the high cost), and when I clicked on the I-Tunes 'purchase' button, I was told "not available in the USA store". Pfft!

But I did manage to find a few complete songs. Daemonia Nymphe is with the prikosnovenie label. They have a six song sampler of various artists, as well. Omnia is very generous, too, with several complete songs. I recommend the song ALIVE. If I ever find their album with that on it and Daemonia Nymphe's _Krataia Asterope_, I will get them.

It's so frustrating to think you are getting a whole song to find it trails off, unfinished. I wouldn't complain, but I can't go to my usual sources and buy the CDs.

But I did assemble a nice 12 song CD sampler from the downloads. I tested it in the bedroom stereo. We got it in 1999, and I wasn't sure if it could play the mpgs. But it did, with flawless sound.

While I listened, enjoying the results of my scavenging, I took pen to paper, and this picture, much influenced by my activities, resulted!