"Life Twice" - Self Portrait

Close-up detail here
©JAL, 7-6-2008

July 6, 2008
"Life Twice"
After watching disc 5 of _The Great Artists_, featuring Vermeer, Turner and Van Gogh, I felt inspired to draw. I decided on a self portrait. I plopped the mirror before me and smiled to see the scene behind it of the Coptic ankh. I remembered ANKH, the Egyptian word for "life" is also their word for "mirror". The artisans often made word pun of this, making mirrors ankh shaped. For instance, a gilded mirror shaped thusly was found in Tutankhamun's tomb.

Similar type mirrors can be had today:

...Coptic ankh at Met Museum...

So I included it in the drawing.

Another serendipity is part of the journal title, 'Life Twice', shows in the upper left. So that became the picture title!

In case you wonder what the two figures are, they are dragons. The one on top of the shelf is of iron, and the other is the little one on my computer desk.