Self Portrait Cross Stitch Tapestry

© Joan Ann Lansberry 2020
It hangs on the left side of the bedroom dresser mirror. (Julia's portrait is on the right side.)

A close up of the charms, which came from a variety of sources....
Ankh, feather of Ma'at, round with musical notes, silver lily, sewing machine, ruler, artist's palette, Tyet, the other lily, tea pot, desert scene, musical treble clef, the other ankh

My thoughts about the border design...
I like the diagonal slants because they echo the strong hair diagonal. Some how each 'cube' suggests very abstractly my ancestors. To explain:

The design just sort of popped into my head intuitive style. When I was sewing the first few blocks of the border, it seemed to me the dark triangles kind of echoed my hair. Seeing that, the gold and pink triangles seemed abstract faces. (In ancient Egyptian art, men are depicted with reddish skin and women are depicted with gold skin.) From there, the idea came that they look like a circle of ancestors.

Close up of the face....
Perhaps I will make a new avatar for facebook, I've been using the old one since 2008!

Progress photo showing my reference photo.....

Julia's portrait
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