It's Where She's Going

It's not where she's been, it's where she's going...
© Joan Ann Lansberry, 5-2-10, (Click to see larger version)

Originally inspired by David Tineo's "Frida Yin and Yang", this piece took on a life of its own. I took Frida's loopy hairstyle, the 3/4 head view, and the snake necklace, and went from there. The hair loops seemed to suggest large ears, hence the inscription "She hears with invisible ears". "She sees what frees", of course this is with the spiritual eye. However, I opted for a more conventional 'third eye' depiction, than the apple Tineo used. Giving it a blue color further conveys its spiritual origin, as opposed to the brown I used for her physical eyes.

The blue 'crown' is also a spiritual crown, the crown chakra. Her blue wings suggest the Egyptian word for an aspect of the soul, the human headed bird "Ba". The stars on her dress suggest the "Akh" part of her soul, her effective luminous radiance.

I thought to echo the circular snake with little oval 'O' rings, taken from the 'zero' in '2010' and magnified greatly.