It is not just 'size of muscle'
that determines strength -
(Muscles are visible,
and certainly get a job done:
Lift, carry, move, throw,
not all work, it can be fun.)
There is the invisible strength,
that which urges, surges forth -
From the depth of our being,
an exultation so freeing,
a pride that brings power -
This is true source.
roaring inferno,
heat of the hunt,
relentless force,
this is the core,
strength's center.
But what wraps around it?
What surrounds and bounds
the beast?
A gentle hand embraces,
caresses and,
from the heart, loves.
Beast then purrs low and deep,
strength quietly coiled,
ready if needed, sure,
re-assured and content.
The touch of love
tames the savage,
keeps him close.
He'll serve well.

- Joan Ann Lansberry, 2-2-09