While You Can

Have you any idea
just how it starts?
Flash of light,
lightening quick,
stirring flesh?
Thrill quickening limb,
pacing heart,
pacing breath,
breathless revelation,
like a shock,
panting revelation.
Close not the tomb upon me!
Not while I still see.
Close not the tomb upon me!
Say to those who wish
to annihilate the flesh,
Forever damned is your world,
You are dead already,
skeletons of life.
I want to feel all I can feel,
I want to drink all I can drink
of this cup.
Tell me not of your self-sacrifice.
What will it do you,
to have forsaken
that which is the best of you?
Lay claim to that love,
wear it proudly.
You are not dead,
do not try to be.
If the bones and ashes could speak,
they'd say:
Love while you can,
Lust while you can,
Know every passion while you can.
Death will come soon enough,
with its dark nevermores.
what bright
lightening crack illuminations
can still remain!

JAL, 10 - 14 - 02