Grandmother's old house,
She will not walk its rooms
any longer,
She is not there to speak
of its past.

Yet, the walls,
if you listen,
whisper memories.
I was there in dreams
And I heard their chants.

They said:
    "I have lived.
    I have loved.
    I have been queen of this castle.
    I have raised children,
    They have grown tall.
    They have raised children
    Which have grown tall
    And they have raised children.
    The cycle of life continues."

And will continue.
Moons will rise full and fall over this house
The sunlight will warm the rooms cosy
each growing morning,
season after season.
And in dreams I danced to the music of these walls,

Round and round I spinned in trance,

Round and round.

    10- 5-96