A quote I noted in both paper and digital forms:

"Over the years, I've noted several patterns that govern the progress of art students. Those who approach their work with total ambition, with no timidity, with confidence and with even a kind of arrogance seem to attain their goal with greater frequency. The three traits that seem to count most are a burning desire, perseverance and a healthy dissatisfaction with everything you've done before, coupled with the urge to do it better the next time.

"Remember, a bold failure is better than a timid semi-success."
(From _Portraits from Life in 29 Steps_, by John Sanden, page 66)

I am awe of those with good handwriting. Handwriting analysts say we reveal so much in our handwriting. Laura revealed her graceful athleticism in her script. Julia's writing gives evidence to her cultured and refined nature.

When I was a teenager, I sent a sample of my scratch off to an analyst. It appeared in the Joliet Herald News Sunday edition, with the analysis. I don't know if I still have the now yellowed keepsake of it. I do remember vaguely she said I used intuition and 'had a great talent'.

Well, I would remember that part! Grin!