Thoughts While Washing
August 24, 2014

As I soaped and massaged my head, I mentally sang to the tune of the South Pacific song, ("I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair"): "I'm gonna wash that isfet (the opposite of Ma'at, which is balance, truth, and justice) right out of my hair."

As I scrubbed, I thought about the head, I thought about the importance of consciousness: consciousness is Netjer's best gift to us.

Consciousness is really the ALL of existence. If we are just stumbling away through life, we are not really conscious. Mindfulness is the key to enhancing our experience of life. To be alert and aware, this opens the gate. To be alert to our many blessings, and the beauty in life, increases those blessings. To be alert to the whisper of creative inspiration increases the possibility of actualizing creative expression by whatever means.

To be alert to our words and the effect they could have increases the possibility of increasing Ma'at, (to use a Christian prayer as an example, "Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.")

To be alert to the quiet nudgings of Higher Self (aka Ba), allows us to receive the messages we need to hear, from whatever Source/source those messages might come.

In all these practices of mindfulness, we can become more effective human beings.

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