Art for the Epagomenal Days
July 31, 2021 through August 4, 2021

Digital drawing loosely based on a statue of Wesir at Boston's MFA

Flipped photo crop of that statue, MFA #29.1131

I thought I would color the drawing, but having no printer, traced from the monitor image, adding some detail...

Beads for a statue of Heru-Wer, (whitish aquamarine, yellow agate, lapis lazuli and brass beads and pendant.)

The setting sun spotlighting Set's statue....
I kept snapping photos as the sun rapidly rose up his statue. This one, the sun exactly centered on his face.
(The red scarf had been tied around a bottle of wine, I thought He'd like it.)

I don't have anything for Aset, but I do have a prayer-poem for Hathor:

A Prayer to Hathor:

Oh Hathor,
Watch over us with your great eye.
Enfold us in the circle of your protection.
May our efforts be pleasing to You as
we aim towards Ma'at.
Great Lady of Gold,
now and forever,
You will be praised!
Dua Hathor!


--- Joan Lansberry, August 3, 2021)
Hymn and prayer to Hathor, I like to read them both together.

And what do I have for Nebthet's special day? I created the model for this back in March, but these medallions were cast in time for her day:

The patinas will be some in gold, some in brown

Great Grandmother Nit's medallions were cast, too:

Again, some will be gold and some will be brown....

I especially love the way these came out....

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