A Vision from the Future?
October 1, 2021

Gratuitous photo of Hathor's statue, just because she is "Lady of Sunbeams",
(and her statue is illuminated by sunbeams)
(Statue by Lena Toritch, 2015)


As the ancient sequoia trees are in peril from fire, I sought to divine and seek a message from someone in the future. Partly to re-assure myself that humanity does survive.

This _may_ only be imagining, it is for any survivors in that far off age to determine the veracity of this, or if this only made for an amusing fiction.

I seem to have connected with another Iru of my Ba. I 'met' him before in a vision in which he is visiting the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale, studying 'ancient' instruments.

He is as curious about this age as I am curious about his age.

In my earlier 'vision', I sensed he was a priest of Ptah. (YeaY! Kemeticism survives.

All the major religions survive, but their followers in this age are really judged for not doing more to prevent the coming apocalypse. And for having great edifices while their people starve.)

But meanwhile, back to "Kemetic Joe", that's what we'll call him. He is curious as to what was lost. Granted, operating under 'profit motive' is considered supreme evil. Those that profited off of fossil fuels are held in great distain and blamed for the apocalypse, which they deserve.

But something got lost in the surviving somber age. Materialism is such an evil to them and they live rather spartan lives. (Of course, they never worry about cost of medical care or housing or adequate food....)

But owning huge amounts of material possessions is frowned upon. Kemetic Joe feels some exuberance of life has been lost. He'd like to revive that. (After all, Hathor and Set are his parents, too, sharing the same Ba and all.)

It's like he 'saw' my shrines and was amazed at the profusion of items on so many shelves. He asks, "How do we enjoy material possessions without it turning into greed?"

(I like to imagine my statue of Ptah exists then in a museum then and Kemetic Joe has a smaller 3D printed steel version of it.)

Probably without an even tinier cape.....
(Statue by Lena Toritch, 2016)

The more cerebral musicians are more popular then. Bach, Mozart, they're getting air play. Saint-Saëns and his "Danse Bacchanale"? Radical!

But Kemetic Joe is seeking exuberance of expression.


Here's praying and heka-ing with all my might humanity DOES survive. That all the ancient forests do not burn or are otherwise destroyed. That we're able to plant new trees and people have secure housing not in danger of being burnt up or destroyed by flooding....

And Kemetic Joe, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't do more to stop what's coming!"

May Set preserve all us!


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