Ninefold Blessing Meditation
January 25, 2020

Ninefold Blessing Meditation

Dua Nebthet,
anoint my head with your loving oil.
Dua Heru-Wer,
wash my eyes that I might see.
Dua Serket,
soothe my throat with your healing balm.
Dua Hathor,
open my heart with your joyful embrace.
Dua Nit,
protect me with your Great Shield.
Dua Bast,
may your divine milk nourish my belly.
Dua Aset,
may I be rooted, strongly rooted.
Dua Set,
your hand is on my shoulder,
as you tell me "I am capable."
Dua Ptah,
your hand is on my other shoulder,
as you remind me your protection is eternal.

...Joan Ann Lansberry (Senuwierneheh), January 25, 2020
...(Printable pdf available)

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