"Relaxed Atropaic" Shrine
September 20, 2015

Close up of the left side, I have a close up of the right side here.


I call this "Relaxed Atropaic" because the statue of Set has him in a relaxed pose. He's on "guard duty", but it's not the tense, wirey kind of energy. He can 'leap into action' if need be. And it's relaxed because it's not really Kemetic. In addition to mixing Hindu statues with an Egyptian statue and lacking the standard offering cups, Set has his "pet dragon", an iron Chinese dragon. Okay, I say it represents the "the uraeus which proceeded from Seth", (from Utterance 570 of the Pyramid Texts, Pepi I), but that's just my little thing.

Julia got the obelisk, which might be a kind of granite. (In any case, it's real stone.) It's heavy, too, and she got it for me at a consignment store which was near the old apartment and she hand carried it over two blocks.

And of course, I have the statue of Shiva and Parvati, which you can see better in the close-up photo. It's been my (possibly) unique experience that Set has claimed all the statues of Shiva for his own, and one day, Hathor claimed this statue of Parvati. She used it to send a blessing to me on the day Julia and I got married, when I grabbed the bell to ring mightily, (not having a Kemetic sistrum, I figured a bell is the next best thing). So, yes, this is a relaxed shrine.

There's a new addition, placed on top of the bell. I'm feeling lots of Hathor (Hethert) vibes all around it. The natural stone beaded necklace is giving pleasing vibes to this sacred space. I see the creator is taking a brief break from her shop, but perhaps she'll return soon.


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