There Will Be An Answer, Let It Be

Will it, and get out of the way!

December 24, 2003

Here now, my spell of releasing:
Hear now, my spell of releasing:

I have dispersed to the four quarters my finest and most excellent wish.
I let forth from my fingertips the powered hopes.
I let each reach the destination and Ear of those who might hear.
I send them off like the beautiful birds they are,
I release them to do their work.

I can do no more on this issue.
If returned void to me,
I must accept.
I release, release, release.
Now and forever, release.

I step out of the way,
my Divinities task over.
It is now up to the Divinity within Others.
I truly now withdraw my Ego
from these desires.

Plainer, it be,
to those who want it plainer.
Truth does not come in an easy package.
If it comes at all, it is well wrapped
and needs careful undoing.

I, who am the one,
have dispersed to the many.
It is no longer in my hands.
Can I settle now,
and know contentment?

Can I smile and learn patience?
Ever never patient,
I learn it now
in this true releasing.
What better can come of it?

Wise men have said it
in so many terms.
Once the fine Willing
is Worked,
let it be.

It need not be
'Mother Mary',
Beatle John will do just fine,
speaking words of wisdom,
Let It Be.

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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