Collected Bits

A remark by Julia and the low level awareness of this being my nearly SIXTH anniversary of journaling have no doubt been the influence for this poem:

October 28, 2002

Nice-size holes

If the moments of parsing
could be laid end to end,
you might have a journal,
each days thoughts neatly parsed  
and laid thusly.
''Seize the day,'' Julia said ''You've
done that.''
I've seized them
and sent them through the sieve
and sifted.
Soft dirt on earth remains
and here are the collected bits.
Savor them if you wish,
collected bits of mine.
Sieve has nice-size holes.

JAL, 10 - 28 - 02

collected bits . . .
Clockwise,starting with crystal nearest thumb: topaz, lapis lazuli, citrine, aquamarine, rose quartz, chrysocolla, amethyst and labradorite

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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