An Egg of Wisdom

Marvelous things shall be hatched with this 'egg' of wisdom...

October 15, 2006

How can I explain what that 'egg of wisdom' the Sovereign individual above might be holding? What s/he is grasping is a clue to the wearing of the crown, for s/he rules hir own life. What has given hir that power? Does it seem unattainable in this age of cynicism, when many feel at the mercy of things we cannot control? I think another has done it! Tapio Kotkavuori says "you are the ultimate source of happiness and power in your own life." He explains further:

"As long as you remember to not compromise regarding staying in touch and being informed and inspired by your most noble sense of the Truth of your Being, you base yourself to the most profound source of power and happiness in the world - your Self. This is something that no one can take away from you, that no one can make uncertain or relative - no matter how postmodern the world may be."

Marvelous things shall be hatched with this 'egg' of wisdom!

One of the things I like about this picture is the good sense of depth. Notice the solid grip s/he has on that Set headed Was Scepter:

This grip suggests the saying "Great Is The Might Of Set, Greater Still He Through Us!"

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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