The Star Seeker

An inspiring influence . . .

October 10, 2004

We went to the local new age shop in search of new music. I looked around and saw a card with the 'STAR' tarot card and felt moved to get it. I discovered it had a scratch off tarot reading within it. Not only was 'The Star' on the cover, it came up as 'my influence', reminding me to trust my inner feelings. The lady seemed to represent Illuminaria, my ideal self. However, the brown haired lady in the card didn't look like me, so I was inspired to draw my own card. Okay, this lady doesn't look like me currently, but she at least resembles my idealized Self! Also, the booklet that comes with the 'Thoth' deck explains the 'STAR' card symbolizes clarity of vision and spiritual insight. It is just the thing for beginning a new adventure . . .

© Joan Ann Lansberry
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