Safe Landing

Ya gotta try . . .

August 23, 2003

A writer poses a question to one of my lists about Communication, the truth of it, its Essence. I gave an ordinary answer. But later, I was inspired to this:

Safe Landing

Say what you will,
the long stretch doesn't always work,  
the hand is too short,
fails in the grasp,
It happens.
Should we then quit trying?
We must reach and reach and
never stop reaching.
So the limb is short and thin
upon which we find ourselves,
we extend to the end
and find on the upswing
we are grabbed!
We are not alone,
banging our drum in the wilderness.
with no one else to hear.
''Tum, tum, tum,''
we pound,
and a echo is heard,
''Rum, tum, tum.''
This is how communication
All in the reach,
it first begins
with the reach,
then the swing,
like monkeys in the tree house,
passing bananas,
we grunt our noise-symbols
and they are understood.
This is where it all begins:
Baby cries,
Mama understands
and we are caught on the upswing,
safe landing -
Our gruntings have reached home.
these safe landings
are worth every fall.

JAL, 8 - 23 - 03

a beetle pushing her ball across the Egyptian desert . . .
© Joan Ann Lansberry
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